This train doesn't stop.

You find yourself traveling somewhere inside a run-down railroad car. You know you have to get off at some point, but still – you do everything in your power just to stay a little bit longer.  The conductor is watching your every step. He knows who you truly are. 
Where is this train really headed?

Warning! On some browsers sound might glitch, so we'd advise opening the game in Firefox, or downloading the game, for a more stable experience.


  • Move: W A S D
  • Interact: mouse and left click
  • Pause: Escape
  • (PC version; Fullscreen: F11)

Made with Godot for the 50th Ludum Dare game jam (2022)

Save Sloth Studios
(Kornelille Almam)


The Railroad to Elsewhere (Windows).zip 41 MB
The Railroad to Elsewhere (Mac).zip 55 MB
The Railroad to Elsewhere (Linux).zip 42 MB
Original Soundtrack


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The Story and artsyle of this game are both amazing (For some reason i really like the art of the lights above each door). It all comes together to make a really fun and mysterious world that is fun to explore. 


very short but definitely packs a punch.


i mean it was pretty cool i think not a masterpiece but it was interesting, short, and uhhh very cool


Playing this game felt like I was a child looking at pictures from a book in the library! There's something magical about this game. The art & sound direction  was beautiful and well executed, it reminded me of cartoons from an earlier time. Although the gameplay is simple, there is an air of mystery to the world which gives it depth.  I highly recommend experiencing the game for yourself! My play through is available as well if you'd like to listen to some sub-par voice acting ^^

What can I say? 

This game was truly a masterpiece, every single detail was perfect here. The music, the animation, the story and artstyle, everything made me speechless by how well put together this game was. Kornelille and Almam, you guys did an excellent job with "The Railroad to Elsewhere" and hope to see more from Save Sloth Studios in the future!

Thank you for all your kind words!


Brilliant narrative!

This game reminded me that quality storytelling and exceptional design is what makes games art. This was a sensational experience, one which I really enjoyed, but was truly sad that it ended. 

For the game jam project, and considering that this was made in 72 hours - I applaud you all, the developers who made it worth while. This game should be played by many. I loved every single detail, especially the 3 dimensional characters, who were written with soul and passion. 

Some of the game's flaws are irrelevant at this point, but of course slowing down text at certain points would improve the overall experience, but other than that, bravo! Hope you enjoy the video, cheers!